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Pressure import from VWT to HyperMesh

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I want to apply the loads extracted from the VWT analysis to the model in HyperMesh.


As per the below procedure suggested by Altair colleague , I was able to import loads but the value of pressure was zero and in contour loads option - I get 'no results available for contour'.


I was told to do the following:


1. open vwtanalysis.acs file in AcuSolve.

2. Use AcuOut and variable 'pressure' was exported in 'table' format and 'nodal Output' type .

3. Then , using Linear interpolation option - pressure was created.


Although pressure is generated , in the HyperMesh, there is no value assigned to the pressure applied to the surface elements on the nodes on the face. (Snapshot attached)


How can I solve this issue? It would be nice , if somebody can help in sorting this problem.


Looking forward to a timely response.

Thank you.




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Are you getting non-zero pressure values in the .OUT file generated by AcuOut?

If yes, then probably the HyperMesh forum might be more appropriate to address this issue. You will get more response :)

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