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Total Pressure Discrepancy.

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I am doing a very simple pipe flow analysis, and I am getting an eratic results of pressure in Acufield, but for the same in Acuprobe it was giving quite accurate results. Why??

The pipe is 25m long with 10m diameter.

In Acufield I have defined the formula as:

Dynamic Pressure = 0.5*1000*velocity_magnitude*velocity_magnitude

Total Pressure = "Pressure"+"Dynamic Pressure"

I have attached the .acs file and all the images for Pressure(Static, Dynamic and total) and velocity magnitude.







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The graph in AcuProbe is showing the Total Pressure at outlet and the coordinate planes are showing vectors at a cut section.


Could you post the screenshot of the Boundary surface  at outlet and scale it locally? Also enable the mesh lines in this image.


It is also possible to integrate the values in AcuFieldView. As the mesh becomes finer, the result from both, AcuProbe and AcuFieldView should be almost same (minor differences possible, due to different integration techniques).

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