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Defining arbitrary Geometry as Rigid Body

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Hello @ all


I'm new at Hyperworks and so i started my earning of experiences with the tutorials and Guides. Now i've set up a small modell to simulate many basic features i need to know for my further work. I choose the drawing process of a wire through a die. (see pic.)


The topic i'm interested in is - How could I define my die (green structure) or a arbitrary geometry as a rigid body? 

I've looked at some guides/tutorials and forum discussions but i don't find the right solution. I find the set up of predefined rigid structures (plane, tube, sphere) in /RWALL but these don't match my geometry.


Simulation parameters:

Model set up in Optistruct (GUI)

wire (red) : mat=st(MAT1+MATS with plastic, H and Limit), nlgeom, drawing defined as a motion/displacement of the left surface through the die (TABLED1, SPCD and NLOAD1)

die (green): mat=should be rigid ;-) with no displacement and no deformation (should stick on it's place during simulation)

I'm only interested in the deformation and drawing force of the wire.


I hope someone can help ;-)


Thanks Alex


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what problem you are facing in current approach using Optistruct solver.Even you can give a try with Radioss solver assuming die as Rbody and give imposed displacement to wire.



Rahul R 

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Hi Awal,


What type of analysis are you looking at?


If its a NLSTAT you can have high E value furnished to the greenbody which makes it rigid.

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