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run tcl script on Hyperview start

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I have a tcl script and the tcl is using Hyperview library, so I must run it with Hyperview.

I want to run this script in another program, is there a way to start Hyperview and run tcl script using command line? And I also want to close the Hyperview when the script end.


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I found the command in HELP DOC:

<altair_home>/hw/bin/<platform>/hw.exe -clientconfig hwpost.dat -b -tcl example.tcl


Used in conjunction with either the -tcl or -c options to enable batch mode.  HyperWorks Desktop will exit immediately upon completion of the Tcl script or command file.

-tcl <tcl_filename>

Automatically run the specified Tcl script.  Notice that there is a space between -tcl and the filename.


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