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Philipp Clemens

Free-size fe-reanalysis

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my question is related to a free-size optimization of a metal sheet done with shell-elements. 
The model is simple, because it is not for application, but to compare it with the results of a SIMP-method topology optimization.
So there are no manufactoring restrictions.
Objective: min compliance
Restriction: volume max 30% of designspace
Base thickness: 0.0
So the result needs to be interpreted, because there are void areas after optimization.
I would like to do this using Isometric lines depending on thickness in Hyperview
and then use OSSmooth for fe-reanalysis with the threshold-value I got from Hyperview.
But when I do this, it seems like I can not get the thickness-distribution of the optimized design
for the fe-reanlaysis.
Can you tell me a way to solve it?


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Hello Philipp,

thank you for your request and detailed description. In order to perform an FEM re-analysis with Shells, you should prefer importing a "thickness" file over Ossmooth. The thickness file for your optimized element thicknesses will be written automatically by the solver and can be imported in HyperMesh via Import - Solver Deck. When importing the thickness file, make sure that you have the "fe overwrite" option active. By importing, all element thicknesses will be overwritten and replaced with the optimized thickness.  Here is a flash video that shows how to do so: http://screencast.com/t/NFXfqvsq6


In case you want to delete certain elements from your part (e.g. all elements with t < 1,0 mm), you can run a command file after optimization and then delete elements by thickness. See here for a description of the steps:http://screencast.com/t/HoVGhbGX


Best Regards



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