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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to find the right commant to modify the analysis type of a loadstep by a small script.

When I am looking for the cmd. file after doing this manually using the gui, I see the following command: *setvalue loadsteps id=1 STATUS=2 OS_TYPE=1

But nothing happens when I insert this command into my small code. No error message jumps up, but the setting of the analysis type will be not changed.

In the small macro I created it looks like the following:

*retainmarkselections 1
*renamecollector loadsteps "loadstep1" "temp"
*retainmarkselections 0
*setvalue loadsteps id=1 STATUS=2 OS_TYPE=1

But the result is just the creation of the load step, but without setting the Analysis type:



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Dear tinh!


Thank you very much for the answer!

I tried it, but actually nothing happened when running the command.

I see the Analysis Type remains unmodified as it is to see in the upper picture.

D o you have any further idea?

Thanks in advance for your comments!


Bests, David

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Perhaps new GUI did not write enough commands to cmf file

you can still use old method to update analysis type

-delete cmf file

-enter panel loadstep, select "temp" loadstep, switch analysis type to Linear Static > click Update

- open the cmf file to get relevant commands (remember to remove "(", "," and ")" by space)

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