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Hi all,

during my parameter optimization I call Hypermesh with a command file, which sets real constants, material,..

When I execute this file manually in Hypermesh via file->command, everything works fine.

When I call this command file via MatLab/Dos, I receive error code 104. If I simplify the command file, the error doc says:

Tcl/Tk script error:

invalid command name "winfo"

while executing

"winfo exists $win"

(procedure "tableStart" line 7)

invoked from within

"tableStart display all"

(in namespace eval "::ansys" script line 1758)

invoked from within

"namespace eval ansys {

source [file join $::AnsysCompTableDir tableBase.tcl]

# next line is used to import procedures into the current na..."

(file "C:/Altair/hw8.0/hm/bin/WIN32/../../scripts/ansys/./ansysbrowser/component/tableAnsys.tcl" line 63)

Error: 13509 elements not defined in the template.

It seems to me, that there is kind of a template loading problem, which is not present when you are in Hypermesh, but which struggles when you call hypermesh via DOS.

Anyone encountered this problem before?

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