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Starting from the attached topic, I was able to find a way to visualize my load flow/force flow by creating an expression "Vector from Scalar".

Browsing through several publications I found the neccessary Tensor-Elements to combine my force in x-,y- and z-direction.


fx = [SigmaXX, TauXY, TauXZ]

fy = [TauYX, SigmaYY, TauYZ]

fz = [TauZX, TauZY, SigmaZZ]


Following the above my expression for fx looks like this:


VectorFromScalar(T1.C1,  T1.C4,  T1.C6)


T1.C1 is Table Component XX

T1.C4 is Table Component XY

T1.C6 is Table Component ZX


All three chosen from "Table: Element Stresses (2D & 3D)"


Now I need to verify that this is actually what I want^^

So please let me know what you would interpret from this visualization.

To get more insight I'll tell you what I am heading for:

The Idea is to analyze complex structures referring to the flow/flux of force. This can be very helpful in finding working surface pairs or their connecting channel and support structures within non-obvious structures.


Thank you for your help! I am happy for anykind of answer!!







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