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Tutorial "Utility Menu Macro from a Tcl Script" not working

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Hi all,

I am new to Hypermesh and I have to focus on scripting/macros/user menus.

So I started with the tutorials about HyperMesh customization.

There is a tutorial available in HyperWorks Help: "HM-8040: Create a Utility Menu Macro from a Tcl Script"

The link for tutorial (in standard installation of HyperMesh) is:


I followed the procedure exactly, and very carefully, however at the end, I found that there was no new button created for my macro which runs the file saving tcl script :(

The Utility menu's userpage was totally blank.


Is there any reason known to create this problem?

This is a very basic level tutorial and it is not working with the perfectly fine installtion of HyperMesh that runs flawlessly with interactive operations.

Any sort of help is welcomed.


Best regards,


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First step:

You have to modify the userpage.mac in c:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\hm\bin\win64\userpage.mac

(be sure that you save the line

*createbutton(5,"SaveFile TCL",15,0,10,GREEN,"Save file using TCL macro", "EvalTcl","savefile.tcl")

into this file)



Second step:

Copy savefile.tcl into c:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\hm\scripts\


Look at Utility->User for the Button...


Thats all



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Hi Mario,

Thank you for the advice.


I was unable to see my macro created button as well as all of these default buttons in Utility Menu:
Geom/Mesh   User
Disp               QA/Model


I was following the procedure mentioned in your comment, but the buttons weren't visible so I thought it might be due to HyperMesh settings.


Fortunately I was able to figure out the cause of this problem, the macro menu in Utility tab was disabled by default in HyperMesh, I replaced 0 by 1 in the macro "macroMacroMenuStatus" in the end of globalpage.mac file. So the buttons became visible.


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