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unable to open the Ext API

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Hello *,


My question is related to a MATLAB/HyperMesh interaction by making use of the C/C++ interface provided with HyperMesh 11 -- referred to as Ext API. The problem is that I cannot open an interface. Here is a sample code which can reproduce the problem:


   #include <mex.h>


   #include "C:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\hm\include\hm_extapi.h"
   #include "C:\Program Files\Altair\11.0\hm\include\hm_extapi_error.h"


   void mexFunction(int nlhs, mxArray *plhs[], int nrhs, const mxArray *prhs[])
      mexPrintf("Halli Hallo..\n");


      int err_code;
      HM_ExtAPI* hm_api = Open_HM_ExtAPI (&err_code);
      mexPrintf("Err Code Number: %d\n", err_code);


      if (err_code != ERR_XAPI_SUCCESS)
         char buffer[512];
         if (Open_HM_ExtAPI_GetErrorMessage (err_code, buffer, 512))
            mexPrintf("MESSAGE: %s\n", buffer);


      mexPrintf("Wie geths?\n");
      mexPrintf("%s\n", hm_api);








I copied the corresponding .dll file




to the MATLAB runtime directory path. Then I simply use this command to generate the MEX executable:


   mex   E:\WAP09Celsius1_Lucian\code\schnittstelle.cpp   C:\Programme\Altair\11.0\hm\lib\win64\hm_extapi.lib


And by running the command:




I get the following output:


   Halli Hallo..
   Err Code Number: 1
   MESSAGE: HM DLL not found.
   Wie geths?


Any suggestion on how to solve it will be appreciated.





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