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Semi-Conflicting Constraints

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I'm working on a model that has two load cases acting on it with respective responses and constraints, one of them needs to have low deflection and isn't a problem, but the other needs to have deflection greater than X. meeting these 2 constraints in the free size optimization, while giving the solver a lot of freedom, isn't a problem. 

The problem is that I need the final layup/model to have no failure. so while the free size optimization thickens and focuses on bits to meet the first load case, I'm getting loads of failure due to the second. And because of what optistruct has done to the plies in the free size optimisation, I can't give it enough freedom to pass the sizing optimisation while meeting the failure constraint of 1 (tsai-wu) that I give it.
I've tried varying my constraints in the free size to give it the opportunity to reinforce bits that might fail...
Is there any sort of work-around at all to allow the free size optimization to constrain the failure? because this seems possible and would solve the problem.

and if not, Is there a simple answer to why optistruct cant adhere to failure constraints in the free size optimisation?


Thank you

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