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How to check element type using TCL commands

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Dear all,


Could you tell me how can I obtain ANSYS element type in HyperMesh using TCL commands?

My target is to put element type name into a variable.


The procedure using graphical interface is following: 2D/3D -> element types -> mark element -> review. (result on the figure)


Is it possible to extract such information from particular element by a TCL command?
I've tried by hm_getentityvalue but got stuck on data_name format.


Best regards


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Try this code:

*createmarkpanel elems 1 "Select Elems"
set elems [hm_getmark elems 1]
*clearmark elems 1

foreach eid $elems {
	set typename [hm_getentityvalue elems $eid typename 1]
	puts [format "Eid %6d ; Typename= %s" $eid $typename]



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