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IDs of attached elements

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Hey guys,


maybe one of you can help me completing the following task:


I need to know the IDs of the attached elements of elements. From a topology optimization I selected the elements:


#Querry Elements
set set_id [myModel AddSelectionSet element]
myModel GetSelectionSetHandle elem_set $set_id
elem_set Add "contour >= $isoValue"
myQuery SetSelectionSet $set_id
myQuery SetQuery "element.id element.centroid contour.value element.connectivity"
myQuery WriteData $outPath/ElemsCentroid.txt

This gets me a list with ELEMENT ID, CENTROID coordinates, and the nodes associated with the element.

One way of solving my issue is to get a Node ID Element ID list. in order to find the attached elements. I really  cannot find the script to do this, as there is no node.connectivity query option.


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Hi Merula,


You can get the ID's of attached elements using the *findmark command. Here's a little test script I wrote as an example:

# Create element set for test run
*createmarkpanel elems 1 "Select Elements"
set elemsOriginal [ hm_getmark elems 1 ];
*clearmark elems 1

# Find attached elements 
hm_createmark elems 1 "by id" "$elemsOriginal"
*findmark elements 1 1 1 elements 0 2
set elemsAttached [ hm_getmark elems 2 ];
*clearmark elems 1
*clearmark elems 2

puts "The attached elements are $elemsAttached"


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