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dear all ,


 I am new to hypermesh and i learning hm through help.. i m doing bearing simulation in hypermesh and optistuct or nastran..

i have one doubt..

i m creating the rbe2 for ball to outer surface to give contact and i have to give free in X direction for rotation.. my doubt is in hypermesh 








in these dof's which shoud i use to give rotation free in X direction... i all these dofs what is the meaning if i tick translationX,Y, Z etc


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Dof 1 for translation along x

Dof 2 for translation along y

Dof 3 for translation along z

Dof 4 for rotational along x

Dof 5 for rotational along y

Dof 6 for rotational along z


So if you uncheck field in hm that means you are allowing model to translate or rotate according to DOF which you switched off.

If all are checked or switch on(dof 1-6) then model is completely fixed.So in your case uncheck dof 4 for allowing rotation along x.



Rahul R

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