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Using AcuMeshSim from the command line to build large meshes

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AcuMeshSim can be run in a batch mode such that users can set up their meshes using AcuConsole on a laptop or desktop machine, then use a different, large memory machine to construct the mesh.  This is accomplished using the following process:


1.)  Set up the meshing controls using AcuConsole

2.)  From the "Launch AcuMeshSim" panel, enable "Export ams file", but disable "Launch AcuMeshSim".  This will write all of the necessary input files for the mesher (CAD.DIR and <problemName>.ams), but will not launch the mesher.



3.)  Copy CAD.DIR and <problemName>.ams to the machine where you want to build the mesh.  From the directory where these files reside, execute the following command:  acuMeshSim -pb <problemName>

4.)  Once the meshing completes, copy <problemName>.arm and MESHSIM.DIR back to your local system and load the mesh into AcuConsole using File-->Import.  Be sure the file type filter is set to .arm.


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