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"hm_getdistance nodes" refere to single values

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Hello at all,


My Problem:

  • have got two nodes (node 1 and node 2)          --> node 1 is the reference for current position; node 2 is the reference for target position
  • when using hm_getdistance nodes 1 2 0 ,

i get the following answer:

573.68267674323      495.66721    3.8981341703782e-014       288.8353

total distance              x-distance     y-distance                             z-distance


I´ll put the values for total distance and x-, y-, z-distances in a subsequent command for translate a hole component from node1 to node 2.

Therefore i need to create a vector with

*createvector 1 $x $y $z

*translatemark components 1 1 $total_distance 1


How can i get access or refer to the single values?


Thanks for your help :)



My latest try:

*createmark components 1 "displayed"
*createmarkpanel nodes 1 "choose node 1"
*createmark nodes 1
*createmarkpanel nodes 2 "choose node 2"
*createmark nodes 2
set xVal [hm_getdistance nodes 1 2 dataname=x]
set yVal [hm_getdistance nodes 1 2 dataname=y]
set zVal [hm_getdistance nodes 1 2 dataname=z]
set totVal [hm_getdistance nodes 1 2 dataname=tot]
*createvector 1 $xVal $yVal $zVal
*translatemark components 1 1 $totVal

the problem is the "dataname="

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Hi Rizzo,


You can do this using foreach:

*createmark components 1 "displayed"
*createmarkpanel nodes 1 "node1"
set node1 [hm_getmark nodes 1]
*clearmark nodes 1

*createmarkpanel nodes 1 "node2"
set node2 [hm_getmark nodes 1]
*clearmark nodes 1

foreach {tot x y z} [hm_getdistance nodes $node1 $node2 0] { 
	*createvector 1 $x $y $z
	*translatemark components 1 1 $tot



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