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If you just want to write raw data, write it as CSV text format (can be opened by excel)


set fpt [open example.csv w]

puts $fpt "NodeID,StressValue"

puts $fpt [join 1 100]

puts $fpt [join 2 200]

puts $fpt [join 3 300]

close $fpt



==> open example.csv by excel to see

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Hi Tinh,


I need to write the data from Hyperview in an organised readable manner.I referred to an example as given below :


  package require twapi
  set excel [::twapi::comobj Excel.Application]
  $excel DisplayAlerts [expr 0]
  set workbooks [$excel Workbooks]
  $workbooks Open "C:/Users/willblatt/BlattBros/Projects/10000 Temp/XLS_Files_Chip/CHIP_ASSAY_TABLE.xlsx"
  set workbook [$workbooks Item 1]
  set sheets [$workbook Sheets]
  set sheet [$sheets Item 1]
  set cells [$sheet range a1 c3]
  puts [$cells Value]
  $cells -destroy
  $sheet -destroy
  $sheets -destroy
  $workbook -destroy
  $workbooks -destroy
  $excel Quit

$excel -destroy


I tried to use the above example.

i.How should I add New Sheet to the file.

ii.Can change the name of the file from Sheet1,Sheet2,etc. to something different say :Normal Force,Axial Force.etc

iii. Any detailed documentation of all the classes available in TWAPI ?


Thanks in advance,


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