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create time sensor in radioss - problem

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I have a problem. I defined a spring type 4 with a force - displacement curve, where the spring ends move together. It works very well. Now I want to create a time-sensor, which should deactivate the spring after a time t=0.015 s from the beginning of the simulation. Could someone help me, please?


I have already defined a sensor type 0 with tdelay = 0.015 s and have referenced to the spring with lflag = 1, but it does not work.

I am using hyperworks 14.0 with radioss 14.0 as well. You can find my simple example model below.




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According to the doc : 
For Sensor types SENS, AND, OR:
•The sensor is activated after activation of sensor sens_ID1.
•Minimum activation duration is given by Tdelay.
•After Tdelay, sensor is deactivated if sens_ID2 is activated.
•If sens_ID2 = 0, the sensor is deactivated after Tdelay.

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