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How to bind mouse button

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I'm newbie here and I'm still learning tcl/tk and I have problem with bind function in hypermesh. 

I would like to run a function when the user clicks the left mouse button. For example I want to read position of pointer.

I'm using bind function: 

bind . <Button-1> {myProc}


The problem is that it doesn't work when I click mouse button in graphic area.  It works fine when I click toolbars or tab areas, but I want to run my function if I click anywhere in HM window.

Instead of Button-1 I can use space button in my bind function:

bind . <Key-space> {myProc}


It works well but it's pointless and you have to use keyboard.

Any idea or suggestions how to deal with this?


Thanks a lot for help



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graphic area belongs to core application and has it own binding (ex: to select elements, nodes,.. by mouse)

should not (and may not be able to) add binding to it

key binding also should be assigned via hypermesh, not directly by tcl-tk (menu Preferences/Keyboard Settings)

whenever you want to get pointer position you can use winfo command:

set x [winfo pointerx .]

set y [winfo pointery .]


assign binding directly just should be done for local window (not root window . )

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