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Flexible hinges - enforced displacement

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Hello everybody,


i'm trying to deform a flexible hinge with the enforced displacement. The Problem is, i only can apply a displacement in a single direction but i want to fold the hinge.

Here is a picture of a flexible hinge



I know the deformation but i dont know the stress or force.


Maybe someone can help?


Thanks in advance.

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8 hours ago, Rahul R said:

You can apply enforce displacement on both faces & run analysis.

 thanks for the reply.

I'm pretty new to inspire and FEM and testing something out for my thesis work.

i don't really know what you mean. Here's a screenshot. Maybe you mean different faces?



Here's a picture of what i try to do. Maybe inspire is not the right solution and i should go with another programm?



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Inspire is meant for quick topology optimization & basic analysis like Static & modal analysis for design validation.

From the above picture i feel you should use Radioss or Optistruct solver for such large displacement problem.

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