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How to map ADCRESULT input to actual pins on board.

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Submitted by BeachCat on Sun, 08/02/2015 - 22:55 

I have a F28377D experimenters board, how do I setup VisSim to read specific pins on the board with the ADC ?

I have the TI pinouts see attached file for the board. But cant see how to map VisSim ADC blocks to them.

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You do that via the ADC Config... screen. Note that their are 4 separate ADC units on the 28377, named A,B,C and D. So there are 4 separate sets of ADCxRESULTn regs. In the upper right corner of the ADC Config screen you choose the ADC unit.

  • The first column lists the result registers for a given unit.
  • The 2nd Src column lets you set the external ADC pin that will be sensed. (N/C mean No Connection)
  • The 3rd Trigger column selects the trigger to start an ADC conversion on that channel.
  • The 4th Sample Clks column lets you choose the clock duration of the ADC sample window. Hi impedence signals require longer sampling intervals to produce an accurate value.


To read a result register into the diagram, select an Embedded > Delfino > Digital/Analog input. To configure it to a particular ADCxRESULTn register, right click the block and select the ADC unit and channel.

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Submitted by BeachCat on Tue, 08/04/2015 - 05:04.

Yes I checked that.

I even found there is a signal on channel 3 & 5 of all the ADC units and my VisSim diagram plotted it ok.

I also found that if I disconnected the DAC that was using the default ADC A 0 pin, it still would not work.

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