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I have a fundamental question about a little bit confusing question from the Hyperworks certification program, please see the screenshot in the appendix. By this questions you have to select the correct word and drag it into a empty cell. In the screenshot you can see my (partly wrong) solution. According the course evaluation of my answers I have four mistakes. But I don`t know which of them are wrong. In the following link you can see the correct words for the questions  http://www.altairhyperworks.com/training/self_paced/hm_quickstart_preview/content/getting_started.htm

But I have not all the words at choice.

Please see below the seven points in order of the missing words with my comments.

1. I`m sure that the "Status Bar" is correct in the first field.

2. By the second answer I`m not really sure but I read this in the course document

3. Sub-panels: Here I`m also not sure. But the last part of the description is the correct description for Sub-Panels.

4. Title bar have to be correct.

5. Command Window, Have to be correct.

6. Model Area - This should be named "Tab area"a according http://www.altairhyperworks.com/training/self_paced/hm_quickstart_preview/content/getting_started.htm but you can not select this text phrase.

7. Menu bar: This should be true here.


Can you please say me my mistakes and the correct solution?


Many thanks in advance!





2016-06-19 19_01_06-Quiz_ Getting Started_2_Versuch_GUI_Fragen.jpg

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