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Reduced Vs. Full FEM Model

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Good morning gents,



                                      I am running two jobs in Optistruct (A and B, the only difference between the two consisting in the fact that in A the model is built with full node and element components, in B some portions have been replaced with their counterparts in reduced form (equivalent mass and stiffness matrices reduced to the interface points). The reduced models have been created  with a GUYAN reduction (CMSMETH ,1000,GUYAN) in .h3d format and read with the proper ASSIGN statement. The jobs are static analyses with inertia relief.

The problem that I have is that unexpectedly the results of B differ from results of A, not much but by a decent amount.

Is this normal? Is there any particular attention that I have to pay when I create the reduced models or when I read them into the assembled structure?


Thank you, cheers.



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