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Matthias Goelke

How are the deployed MIMO antennas considered for the network planning?

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In ProMan only the SISO channel is computed regarding the wave propagation. Thus for the MIMO network planning of co-located MIMO systems in ProMan it is assumed that there is sufficient distance between the antenna elements to avoid performance degradation. Typically in indoor scenarios (especially in closed buildings) there are always sufficient multipaths for allowing MIMO spatial multiplexing.

The SISO channel information computed in ProMan can be saved in str files. The str files can be postprocessed in the MIMOMan tool for getting the MIMO channel matrix (and also the MIMO channel capacity) by considering specific geometries of the MIMO antenna elements on both transmitting and receiving end. Based on this approach the phases of the rays computed and saved in the str file will be adapted according to the individual location of the MIMO antenna element. The MIMO channel matrix computed in MIMOMan considers then the correlation between the antenna elements.

Regarding the power definition for the individual antenna elements (MIMO streams) in ProMan, please define the Tx power for each antenna element, so that the power sum is below the device EIRP.

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