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point cloud IGES import

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I have a set of points in matlab that form the surface of a bladder and I want to import it to Hypermesh to mesh it. I export it from matlab as a IGES file, but when I imoprt in Hypermesh it does not show anything. I have tried importing a simple nurbs surface in IGES format into Hypermesh and it recognizes it. Do I have to make the points a Nurbs surface in order to import it to Hypermesh. I know I can use a CAD software, like SolidWorks, to make a geometry from the points but it is too expensive. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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in V12  the following entities are supported (maybe in V11 the same, points are still working)...


The following entities are supported by the IGES reader:

Circular arc (100)
Composite curve (102)
Conic arc (104)
Copius data (106)
Plane (108)
Line (110)
Parametric spline curve (112)
Parametric spline surface (114)
Point (116)
Ruled surface (118, form 1 only)
Surface of revolution (120)
Tabulated cylinder (122)
Direction (123)
Transformation matrix (124)
Flash (125)
Rational B-spline curve (126)
Rational B-spline surface (128)
Offset surface (140)
Boundary (141)
Curve on a parametric surface (142)
Bounded surface (143)
Trimmed (parametric) surface (144)
Manifold solid B-rep object (186)
Plane surface (190)
Right circular cylindrical surface (192)
Right circular conical surface (194)
Spherical surface (196)
Toroidal surface (198)
Angular dimension (202)
Diameter dimension (206)
General label (210)
General note (212)
Leader (214)
Linear dimension (216)
Radius dimension (222)
General symbol (228)
Sectioned area (230)
Line font definition (304)
Subfigure definition (308)
Color definition (314)
Form 7 group without back pointers (402)
Drawing (404)
Form 15 name (406)
Singular subfigure instance (408)
View (410)
Vertex (502)
Edge (504)
Loop (508)
Face (510)

Shell (514)



You can try it by creating a point in Hypermesh, export a IGES File and import it into a new session, looks like this:


Hypermesh Iges Preprocessor                                             S0000001
1H,,1H;,15HHypermesh Model,14HE:/test01.iges,20HHyperMesh v11.000000,   G0000001
4Hv1.0,32,38,6,308,15,15HHypermesh Model,1.,2,2HMM,1,0.,0H,0.01,,       G0000002
5HMr. X,1HX,10,0,0H;                                                    G0000003
     116       1       0       0       1       0       0       000000000D0000001
     116       0       0       1       0                       0       0D0000002
116,0.,0.,0.;                                                          1P0000001
S0000001G0000003D0000002P0000001                                        T0000001



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