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interface modeling for mbd

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Hi there,


I'd like to set up a test simulation, where the green cylinder moves with a certain speed down (-Y) on the blue block. 


I can't find the right way to set up the contact between the two bodies. In my case they don't get in contact an any time, the cylinder just fall through the block, although the cylinder should force the block to a deformation and don't move further.


Can somebody please tell me the right cards for concact type and entity set types (master and slave)??


MY SET UP at the moment:

  1. PFBODY: cylinder, block with nmodes=10, Craig-Bampton
  • Ground: some nodes (for the 4 FIX an the one TRANS joint)


Concact: interfaces panel



master set

outer grid nodes of the cylinder as SET_GRID card image


slave set:

block top nodes as MBDSRF card image




My goal in this test is a topology optimization of the blue block.Setup.png

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accidently posted the thread before finished text inside

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In the model, are both the components flexible?


Then you are using the right contact interface type. But you need to create a MBDSRF (multi body surface) for using Multi body contact for deformable surfaces.


Go to Entity sets>> Create an element set with slave elements. use this set to create contact interface and try again.

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