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IsoSurface.Value error

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Hi AltairHW


I'm using FEKO 14.410 EDU edition and experimenting with the script example https://www.feko.info/support/lua-scripts/radiation-hazard-iso-surfaces/radiation-hazard-iso-surfaces-wizard


When running this code I receive an error when setting p1.IsoSurface.Value = 41

"POSTFEKO 14.0.410-277905 (x64)
c:\Development\Workspace\win64_Maintenance\utilities\geometry\include\common_RangeOf.hxx (41): Assertion failed: !isEmpty() "


If I comment out this line the script completes without error.

I can't determine why p1 is failing to set the value.

What is strange is p2 is a duplicate of p1 and it will set p2 value without error.



p1 = app.Views:Item(views+1).Plots:Add(scaledNearField)             
p1.Visible = false
p1.PlotType = "Iso-surface"
p1.Legend.Position = "None"                                    
p1.Label = ("RMS_Public" .. append_to_label)
p1.Visualisation.Opacity = 40                        
p2 = p1:Duplicate()                               
p2.Label = ("RMS_Occupational" .. append_to_label)
p2.Visualisation.Opacity = 40


-- ERROR OCCURS HERE WHEN SETTING p1's isosurface value

-- If I comment out this line the script completes without error

-- note that p2 successfully sets the value without error!?

p1.IsoSurface.Value = 41


p1.Visible = true


-- p2 is a duplicate of p1

-- can set p2 value without error

p2.IsoSurface.Value = 92
p2.Visible = true






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Hi David


I see that you are able to set the iso-surface value for p2 to 92, but that the error is given when setting the value for p1 to 41. Is this correct?


If so, it is possible that a value of 41 is outside your data range. Iso-surfaces can only be defined for data within the available range.




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