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Ask: How to set the shortcuts by command

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I'd like to customize a shortcuts to let me get the function quickly to pick up the nodes attached with line. 
I just know set the hm_pushpanel {rigids} to the subpanel (1D--> rigids), but what is the related command to let me also include below action?

1) select "multiple nodes"

2) select "calculate node"



3) select "by geoms"



4) select "lines"



I try to key hm_pushpanel {rigid} {multiple nodes} {calculate node} {by geoms} {lines}, but it is not workable.

Could anyone teach me how to set it??


BTW, does anyone know where I can find the command list in the help document??


Thank you in advance.

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customizing panels are not usual documented fully. you can learn via sample script


set ItemNumber [hm_getitemnumber rigids "calculate node"]
set ItemOwner [hm_getitemowner rigids $ItemNumber]
hm_setpopup rigids $ItemOwner $ItemNumber


with select nodes "by line". I didn't find direct command yet (using mouse hooking by twapi can do it, but it's a bit complicated).

if you want, try invoking sub proc like this

proc appendnodesbyline {{nodemark 1}} {
     *createmarkpanel lines 1 "Select lines:"
     if {[hm_marklength lines 1]} {
           eval *appendmark nodes $nodemark {"by lines"} [hm_getmark lines 1]
           hm_highlightmark nodes 1 h
           *clearmark lines 1


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I appreciate your reply. I think it's hypermesh's limitation and can't support to write the code into the shortcuts setting directly.

Anyway, I'll try your suggestion. 
Thanks again!

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