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The difference between Bulk and Block format

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in short words:


Radioss Bulk is used for structural analysis (implicit solver, like MSC/Nastran)

Radioss Block is used for crash analysis (explicit solver, like PAMCrash or LSDyna)


Special options, e.g. NLGEOM (nonlinear geometric) use also Block Format, but you have to build your model in BULK preference (internaly converted)


A little bit more detailed:


Finite element solutions via Nastran-type Bulk Data Format include:

Linear static analysis

Nonlinear implicit quasi-static analysis

Linear buckling analysis

Normal modes analysis

Complex eigenvalue analysis

Frequency response analysis

Random response analysis

Linear transient response analysis

Geometric nonlinear explicit and implicit analysis

Linear fluid-structure coupled (acoustic) analysis

Linear steady-state heat transfer analysis

Coupled thermo-mechanical analysis

Inertia relief analysis with static, nonlinear contact, modal frequency response, and modal transient response analyses

Component Mode Synthesis (CMS) for the generation of flexible bodies for multi-body dynamics analysis

Reduced matrix generation

One-step (inverse) sheet metal stamping analysis

Fatigue analysis

A typical set of finite elements including shell, solid, bar, scalar, and rigid elements as well as loads and materials is available for modeling complex events.

Finite element solutions via RADIOSS Block format include:

Explicit dynamic analysis

Nonlinear implicit static analysis

Transient heat transfer and thermo-mechanical coupling

Explicit Arbitrary Euler-Lagrangian (ALE) formulation

Explicit Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

Incremental sheet metal stamping analysis with mesh adaptivity

Linear static analysis

Normal modes analysis

Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis


You can read this in the solver manual "User's Guide > RADIOSS > Introduction: What is Altair RADIOSS?"




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Hey Mario,

thanks for this helpfull comment all along. I have been searching for something like this for a long time.


My request: Could somebody please explain what the different Block-Formats (Block110, Block100, Block90, Block51, Block44, Block42) are meant for. And what is Fix41?


Thanks allot in advance and please excuse my rotten english.




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Hello Niknok,

 Block110,100,90 etc. are Hyperworks (Radioss) versions that supported.For example;Block110 means HyperWorks (Radioss) 11 version.As i know,in Hypermesh 12 there is no Block120 interface yet,but it will be possible with next HyperMesh update.I am not sure about Fix41 but as i know it is the oldest version and of course most of new features are not supported in that version.

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