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Konstantin Heiss

Interface laminate, Error 640

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when I run thee analysis on my model, I get the message:



 A fatal error has been detected during input processing:

  *** ERROR # 640 ***
  STACK 1 is incorrectly or ambiguously defined. This could be
  due to disconnected substacks, duplicate interfaces or inconsistent
  interfaces orientations. Please verify the substacks and interfaces


 ==== End of solver screen output ==== 

 ==== Job completed ==== 

In my model I got six plies called that have no material real material (material with parameters = 0), I just used them to create an Interface laminate and to connect the plies in a proper way. 


If needed, I can also translate the notations into english if needed.



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Konstantin Heiss,


Can you post an image of your laminate which you are trying to build?


I think the issue is with the interface order. If you can explain your laminate either with a picture or any other means, It would be very helpful.

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Hello Prakash Pagaladala,


I want my model to look like this in the end:


Laminataufbau Schnitt ohne Pseudoschichten.PNG


In the middle you can see the dark blue ply. It's only on the flange, whereas the other ones are coming from the left and the right side and continue on the flange.

For all faces I want only one laminate. The only way I knew to realize this, was with an interface laminate. Like in the example of a T-Junction, I needed a third subliminate, which has no real material, thats why the material entries are zero there.


Laminataufbau Schnitt mit Pseudoschichten.PNG


This is an image of all plies, also with the plies, that have no material. The outer six plies (as you can compare with the other picture) are the plies, that were only needed to set the interface definition.


Laminataufbau Interface.PNG

Interface 2.PNG


The sublaminate called "Innen" is the left part, the sublaminate "Aussen" is the right part. "Hilfsschichten" is the laminate with no real material.

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