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1D Element - size optimization with tube Cross section

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@Prakash Pagadala Thank you sir for help.



I attached  hm and fem file for this problem:


when i run analysis, it gives me error,


ERROR IN Analysis

In .FEM file it write this lines for PBEAML properties:

$$HMERROR: Only OS Solver Standard Sections are supported.           


OptiStruct gives this error:

  *** ERROR # 1479 *** in the input data:
  Incorrectly formatted numeric data in field 9.
  (If it is a character field, it should start with a letter.)



ERROR IN Optimization setup

When i try to create DIM2 as a size design variable from Optimization>size>generic Relationship

i can not get the DIM2 option.       (Image for this is attached as opti.png)


If DIM2 is not possible with GUI, I can do that with TCL script.

but is there any way to access this from GUI.





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