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How to get the entered value as a variable in the table

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proc SetValueCallback { row col value } {
    puts "$value"
    return true
proc GetValueList {col row} {

  1. }
    ::hwtk::dialog .d -title "::hwtk::table"
    set table [::hwtk::table [.d recess].table]
    pack $table -fill both -expand true
    $table columncreate int -type int -text "Integer" -validatecommand "SetValueCallback %I %C %V"
    $table columncreate double -type real -text "Double" -validatecommand "SetValueCallback %I %C %V"
    $table columncreate color -type intcolor -image palette-16.png -validatecommand "SetValueCallback %I %C %V"
    $table columncreate city -type combobox -text "Combobox" -valuelistcommand "GetValueList city" -validatecommand "SetValueCallback %I %C %V"
    $table columncreate string -text "String" -validatecommand "SetValueCallback %I %C %V"
    for {set j 1} {$j < 5} {incr j} {
        set color [expr {int(rand()*64)}]
        set values "int $j double $j.0 color $color city Troy string {String value $j}";
        $table rowinsert end row$j -values $values
    .d post
    proc accept_func {args} {
         tk_messageBox -message "You can have any function defined for this button" -title "Accept Function" -icon info

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the question is not clear

a table widget has a variable, so get variable name by

set table_var [$table cget -variable]

=> so cell value is stored in $table_var($row,$col)

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