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^HM_autoskin_2 Component

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I had two Components appear in my model and I do not know why or how they were created.


The component name is in the form: ^HM_autoskin_2


The components are made of Quad elements that are the surfaces of 3-D Hex element meshes. They are the same colors of the Hex mesh components.


When I export to a solver deck, the "autoskin" components do not appear in any form.


I don't know if I "fat-fingered" a button without realizing it or what. I'm not doing anything I haven't done a lot before this.


I am using HM v14.0 on a Windows 7 HP 8570w laptop.


Thank you.



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Check if this is happening for all solid element model.You can delete skin element by collector or element by config option.While creating 3d domains and handle Hm creates collector named Morphface for skin elements.

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Some tasks in hypermesh may generate shells on 3d mesh, it just forgot deleting them after done

Any component named starting with "^" then will not be exported, like ^edges, ^faces,...

so don't care about it

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