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How to change element id in a saved template (.tpl)

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I have a saved templete which generates a graph between stress vs strain for a given element id i.e. E181115 (in my case). The graph can be seen in attchments.

#Now i want to change the element id or write a tcl code in such a way that it should ask me to enter the element id before running my template. 

I am very new to hyperview and have no idea how to covert .tpl to .tcl,

Any answers, suggestions could be very much helpful. 

I am also attching my .tpl file (for understanding)


Thanks in advance





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Native way to modify a text file:

#open that template file:

set fpt [open $TplFilePath r]

#read file and search for elemID

set Content [read -nonewline $fpt]

set Index [string first $elemID $Content]

#replace elemID

close $fpt; set fpt [open $TplFilePath w]

set NewContent [string replace $Content $Index [expr $Index+[string len $elemID]] $NewElemID]

puts $fpt $NewContent

close $fpt


I think tpl functions can help to select elemID. But I can't remember how to do :(

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