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Modelling a CMC in Hypermesh

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Hi all, I'm a Master Degree student in Mechanical Engineering and I'm currently working on the final thesis. I do have a problem that I want to share with you. The topic of my thesis is focused on low-velocity impact on a C/SiC plate, modelling in hypermesh and using LS-Dyna as solver. I chose, to model the composite, the *MAT_COMPOSITE_DAMAGE (Mat22) option and here's my problem. Since in the literature there's practically nothing about mechanical properties of C/SiC, I'm finding a  lot of difficulties to estabilish the inputs of the Mat22. In fact I need, in the order, EA, EB, EC, PRBA, PRCA, PRCB, GAB, GBC, GCA, SC, XT, YT and YC. I thought, after a day trying to find some information on the mechanical properties, to proceed in a different way. The composite is made of a 2D woven carbon fiber, so we're talking about a transverse isotropic composite where the plane of the woven is the isotropic plane. For this reason EA=EB, XT=YT, and other parameters such as PRBA, GAB, SC and YC is possible, in a way or another, to find (even if I have to do semplifications for what concern the properties related to the volume % of fibers and constituent materials, since, like I said, there's nothing in the literature about these CMC). Now the question is, for the remaining parameters (EC, PRCA=PRCB, GBC=GCA) is correct to assume them to be that of the matrix (SiC)? I really need your help so thanks in advance for any response.

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