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Hypermesh multiple parts get combined when exporting mesh

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Hi all,


I am using Hypermesh of Hyperworks 14.0 to mesh my Geometry and eventually load them into Abaqus (2016) to do the simulation. (Export as .inp Input Deck)

I have a rather large assembly with at least 6 components at the detail of the simulation but also want to export the full assembly with >100 components. Now when I meshed all to-be-exported parts and do the export, all the exported parts cannot be loaded as seperate parts but as a combined part. That's not really helpful, as I need to allocate materials, loads etc. pp.

My workaround currently to have seperate parts in Abaqus is to export all components seperately. However this brings me all parts as individual models in Abaqus which is not helpful when having >100 components. Also the Abaqus-Tool to seperate the mesh deos not help as there are parts intersecting each other and other parts which get falsely seperated.


I also checked with Ansys, same problem, so it seems to be some kind of setting in Hypermesh..


Really appreciate any help and thoughts!


Thanks in advance


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Hi J,


What is the version of HyperMesh are you using?


Can you paste the updates you have installed?

Please go to Hypermesh(14.0 version)>>Help>>Updates and System Information. Please send a snapshot of it.

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Hi Prakash,


thanks for the answer. Hope this helps:

 Altair Home: C:/Program Files/Altair/14.0

 Updates Information:

hgtrans.exe:         (Mar 30 2016)
hmobj.dll:           (Mar 30 2016)
hmopengl.exe:        (Mar 30 2016)
hst.exe:             (Mar 30 2016)
hstbatch.exe:        (Mar 30 2016)
hstdss.exe:          (Mar 30 2016)
hvp.exe:             (Mar 30 2016)
hw.exe:              (Mar 30 2016)
hwmbdmodel.dll:      (Mar 30 2016)
hwplot.dll:          (Mar 30 2016)
hwplot3d.dll:        (Mar 30 2016)
hwpost.dll:          (Mar 30 2016)
hwtext.dll:          (Mar 30 2016)
hwvideo.dll:         (Mar 30 2016)
hwx.exe:             (Mar 30 2016)
templex.exe:         (Mar 30 2016)

Thanks in advance


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