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Jan Grasmannsdorf

Material Orientation in HyperMesh

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Dear Jan,

I have a question about HyperWorks. When defining the material orientation for composite rim design I tried to let it follow the outer part of the rim, but it isn't working.

Do you know if it is possible and what the command is to do this?

Another question we have is whether it is possible to use some kind of circular pattern command to use on plies and how it works.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,



Dear Pieter,

to define the material orientation along a rim or a certain shape, I would recommend to use the tool within the Aerospace toolbar to define orientation along lines or node paths. Here is a short video that describes how to access the function:



For circular patterns, please define a user defined coordinate system type "cylindrical". you can then use this system to define a circular pattern along the circular system axis.

Here is another flash video that describes the procedure.http://screencast.com/t/UaoJGtQX


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Dear Jan,

I have more or less the same problem as Pieter did. I'm trying to simulate a solid geometry made of aluminium honeycomb. The use of 3D elements is required to represent its shape adequately, and I need to orientate the material's anisotropic propierties properly.

Is the method you suggested Pieter also valid when using 3D elements? Is there any alternative for this case?

Thanks in advanced,


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