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Keep Getting "Access is denied.." message. ERROR 18012

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So here's the play by play of what happened.


1. I download the FEKO software and receive the license file

2. I cut and paste the license file into the security directory. (This can be seen in the attached pictures.)

3. I try to run one of the examples (the horn one). 

4. I get an error message. The error is: ERROR 18012. It tells me that access is denied. 


At first I thought I used the wrong IP Host address when I requested a license. So I created a topic on the forums, and Prakash Pagadala told me to request a new license file with the correct IP Host address. So I downloaded a new license file, and then I cut and pasted the new license file into the security directory. Nevertheless, I got the same error message. 

I have attached some screenshots that show:
A. The error message: ERROR 18012.

B. The IP Host addresses available on my computer (there are three of these images).

C. The new license file shown re-located in the security directory.


I also attached the new license file itself, just in case you need to review it to determine something about the license itself. 


So: How do I fix this? 


Also, I don't know if this is important, but I do have Windows 7 installed on this computer. Another guy — Rahul Ponginan — responded to my post, but in the link he provided me, it wasn't clear what he was trying to communicate. It had something to do with tinkering with the Environmental Variables in some advanced settings. But in my opinion, he did not write clearly enough for me to follow him, which is to say that he left too much open to interpretation in his instructions for me to feel confident enough to pursue that path of investigation. (Though, to be fair, he might be on to something.)






Altair License Tool - Ethernet Host IDs.JPG

Feko Error Message.JPG

ipconfig Screenshot 1.JPG

ipconfig Screenshot 2.JPG

Security Directory.JPG

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Hi @rcampiz


The error has nothing to do with the license. Looks like the problem is with the file writing permissions.


Do you have admin rights on the machine which you are using?

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