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I don't know what am I doing wrong.


I tried to get property name - this works fine.


I tried to get property id - this is not OK.


set entity_name [hm_entityinfo name props $old_prop ] - this will return the property name - everything is OK


set entity_id [hm_entityinfo id props $old_prop -byid ] - this will return the property id as "2" even if the property id is 123123      WHY?:( 


Thank you.

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On 2016/11/17 at 4:07 AM, ppatil said:

set xentity_id [hm_entityinfo id props $old_prop -byid]

set entity_id [hm_getsolverid props $xentity_id]


should work for you


I am trying to get the property ID using the same commands but cannot.

The entityinfo command is not working for ID and the getsolverid is returning both ID and domain.

I tried getentityvalue too but not working.


How can I get only the property ID in a loop. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance!!

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