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Hi sachin and Vipin,


One step Analysis : Is used for forming feasibility criteria early in product development, where the most important improvements are possible at this stage. Also it is very fast compared to Incremental analysis and predicts the flat blank size for improving material utilization. One step helps you to understand Formability of a component with FLD plot.
Mainly it reduces the overall product cycle and lead time.


Incremental Analysis : Instead of modeling just the final part shape, as in One-Step metal forming analysis, here we use a more rigorous modeling approach. As the name implies, small solution steps or increments are taken to solve the problem. In this way, the incremental method allows you to accurately model important metal forming processes (for example: binder wrap, single or multi-stage forming, trimming, and springback). Solving a problem incrementally allows you to detect the stage at which the process defects (for example: wrinkles, thinning or tears) occur in the blank. You can then take corrective action to eliminate these defects by modifying the process in various ways (for example: changing tool loads, tool motion, or tool shape).


Above information might differentiate the necessary,


Thank you,

santhosh  bhandari

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