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Matthias Goelke

Question about prediction area in ProMan

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For the limitation of the prediction area in ProMan after the simulation there is the following possibility: For this purpose you can define a mask file, just by copying one of the result files, rename the file to e.g. mask.mas, load it in ProMan and then draw with the Edit Data button (pencil button) a rectangle over the total result and setting all values to 1 (value can be changed with the Change Edit-Value button, i.e. the 123 button) and finally set the pixels outside the building to 0 as shown in the following figure. In order to see what you have drawn you need to adapt the scale as shown below.




The corresponding mask file can be used to mask every result file which is displayed in ProMan via Edit => Mask Data => Mask Result File (0/1). Based on this e.g. the outdoor pixels will be set to not computed (N.C.) and only the pixels inside indoor will be considered (also for the statistical evaluation like CDF).

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