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Output von Mises stress in TH file

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Hello all,


i need to output the maximum von Mises stress value over all of a shell elements integration points.  


I looked in the manual under /TH/SHEL, but can not find vM-stress, nor global stress components output options.


Furthermore, i am uncertain about the Output option F1, F2. In the manual it is noted, that these give output of stress in direction 1 and 2, but is this regarded to the local element frame or to the principal stress directions?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Florian,


Sry, i don't use Radioss Block, but i have found the following into the help file:


List of Variables and Responses (Hypercrash manual) for shells:


*********** SHELL / TRIANGLE ******************

1  Mean stress dir 1             F1

2  Mean stress dir 2             F2

3  Mean stress dir 12            F12

4  Mean stress dir 13            Q1

5  Mean stress dir 23            Q2

6  Moment / L*thick^2 dir 1      M1

7  Moment / L*thick^2 dir 2      M2

8  Moment / L*thick^2 dir 12     M12

9  Membrane Energy               IEM

10 Bending Energy                IEB

11 Thickness                     THIC

12 Min.plast.strain over int.pts EMIN

13 Max.plast.strain over int.pts EMAX

14 Membrane strain dir.1         E1

15 Membrane strain dir.2         E2

16 Membrane strain dir.12        E12

17 Shear strain dir.1            SH1

18 Shear strain dir.2            SH2

19 Curvature dir 1               K1

20 Curvature dir 2               K2

21 Curvature dir 12              K12

22 Pressure                      P

23 Von Mises Strain              VONM



Do you really need the maximum from the TH file? Or it is good enough to use animation steps.

Then you can create a envelope about all animation steps and have the maximum at every element over the full simulation.

You can use it in Hyperview and get the result for all components (i think vonMises stress is a calculated value in post processor).




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Ok, thanks for your help so far. Although i am not sure wahat "mean stress" means. Could be the mean value of 1st principal stress over all IPs? I will compare the animation file tensor output with the values from the time history, maybe i will get a clue.. :wacko:

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Hi Alex,


I dont think there is a way to output vonmises Stress to T01.


But why not try H3d file to plot von mises?

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