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Matthias Goelke

How WinProp can be used for the interference analysis between different RF systems?

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The computation of the radio coverage in WinProp can be done in a first step for each RF system (typically each RF system use its own frequency band).

Based on assumptions how much power will be radiated from the Tx antennas into the other frequency bands (and how the reception of the other frequency bands will be attenuated on the receiving end) in terms of an adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR) it is then possible to post-process these radio coverage plots for the individual RF systems to determine the interference situation.

In a WinProp network planning project (e.g. for LTE or WLAN) generally only the co-channel interference is computed, while the adjacent channel interference is neglected.

This means for the determination of the interference on a specific frequency band (RF system) a project with the Tx antennas for all the considered RF systems can be defined and then the Tx power for the Tx antennas of the other RF systems can be reduced by the above mentioned ACLR (which needs to be derived outside of WinProp).

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