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leslie dean brown

Feature request: quick optimisation preview?

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Further to my previous post, with other programs, I tend to do a very quick 'preview' run using extremely low quality settings, and then modify some parameters to get a quicker run next time.

Right now, it's very hard for me to do that with inspire, because I am not getting enough constant visual feedback...


Is there a way to show even quicker, but  less accurate results?

For example where the reinforcing ribs are likely to appear but not how thick they will be?

So that I can see roughly which areas on a model I will need to work on?

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  • The speed / accuracy settings in the run optimization window does just that, choose "faster" instead of "more accurate"
  • You can also increase the element size, this is a sure way to decrease run time,
  • The next thing you can do is in relation to the thickness constraints, Optimization run times increase as the thickness constraints become smaller. So to keep your run times reasonable, your geometry should not have very fine details. It should be as coarse as you can make it while still maintaining structurally significant features.
  • Number of CPUs, make sure you use more than one CPU at least in the preferences section, the number of CPUs used during optimization or analysis runs. For larger models, significant time savings can be achieved by using at least two CPUs to perform the calculation.

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