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Mesh problems bei Feko

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I want to mesh and get error


Sphere1.Region58 breaks the symmetry definition. Either it does not have a symmetrical counterpart, or it is not symmetrical around the plane.


How can i remove those planes?


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Hi bobo44,


From the image, it would appear that the model isn't symmetrical.  There are three types of symmetry (geometric; electric; and magnetic symmetry).  For each one, you need to understand how the fields and currents will behave in order to know which one is correct.  


For this example, I would suggest switching off symmetry planes altogether.  You can do this in CADFEKO on the "Solve / Run" tab -> "Solution settings" group -> Symmetry.  You can learn more about how to utilise symmetry from the User Manual:

  • "3.11.1 Symmetry" explains how to change the symmetry settings in CADFEKO.
  • "26.1 Utilisation of symmetry" gives a more scientific overview of how symmetry can be interpreted and used in FEKO models.

I hope this resolves the problem for you.


Kind regards,


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