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Introduction to AFDEX and Choosing Modules

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Hello Everyone, we would like to start the first post in this topic by introducing AFDEX and the different modules that are available. AFDEX is an intelligent metal forming simulator with inbuilt intelligent re-meshing technology.With more than two decades of experience in metal forming simulation, AFDEX serves to be the best fit for design and verification of the forging process with its powerful analytical capability and user-friendly visualization of metal deformation and flow. 

There are 5 different modules in AFDEX as follows.

  • AFDEX 2D -  For Axis-symmetric, plane strain or plane stress problems
  • AFDEX 3D - For 3 Dimensional Problems
  • AFDEX 2d_Die - Die Structural analysis module in 2D
  • AFDEX 3d_Die - Die Structural analysis module in 3D
  • AFDEX MAT - The material identification module


Attached is a document which will guide you in choosing the different modules.


Let us know what you think and please post your doubts/queries if you have any.


We look forward to a wonderful experience in this forum.


Cheers from AFDEX Support Team!

Choosing Modules_AFDEX V16R01.pdf

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Hey Vivian,


Thanks for your interest. Yes, AFDEX can simulate many advanced metal forming processes. Open die forging processes like radial forging can also be simulated. 




Following are the different types of simulation that have been carried out using AFDEX. You can probably use the search function :P to find if your process is in the list.


Closed die forging   Chipless forming   Multi body forming simulation
Roll forging   Rotary forging   Self rivetting simulaiton
Hot and cold profile ring rolling   Heat sink forging simulation   Material push out extrusion
Radial forging   Cross Wedge rolling   Extrusion of Multi body with back pressing
Radial forging of stepped, prismatic or square bar   Material-Material Contact(Self-Contact) treatment   Beam Bending
Roll piercing   Flexible thermal boundary condition treatment   2d rolling simulation
Roll pipe elongating   Die Structural analysis   Shape rolling
Mannesmann effect   Fine blanking simulation   Roll forming simulation
Swaging   Superplastic forming   Machining process simulaiton
Radial ring forging   Plate forging   Springback by elastoplastic and rigid plastic FEM
Tube drawing with backpressing   Square Cup Deep drawing   Drawing -  Elastoplastic FEM
Thread rolling   Air pocketing phenomenon analysis   Forward extrusion
Chevron defect in extrusion   Hot plate forging   Porthole Extrusion
Six stage drawing    Powder forging   Thick Plate piercing 
Cogging, Cylinder compression, upsetting   Simple Non isothermal analysis   Large Bearing manufacturing simulation


Please do follow our posts, I will be posting interesting simulation examples on some of the advance manufacturing processes.





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Dear AFDEX Support Team,


May I know there are how many element types in the Element Library of AFDEX? And all the available element types are good to anti shear locking and volumetric locking?



Best regards,


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