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how to find Draw/ Forming force in forming analysis USING HyperGraph

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While calculating the actual draw tonnage for the setup given in (ref.) IMAGE 1 ( O.K. in FLD & %Thinning),  I have following doubts in calculation of the tonnage calculation in HyperGraph as:

1. In forming setup the binder force is 15T is used, but in the hypergraph it is showing more that 20T , so which should be consider as actual or required binder force to freeze the model setup?

2. How to calculate the actual Draw tonnage from the die(upper steel) & blank contact graph as shown in the IMAGE 2, i.e. which of the following point should select to define the required draw tonnage from die(upper steel) & blank contact curve (Ref. IMAGE 2)=

A. At the End point i.e. complete bottoming stage?


B. At the Point where maximum tonnage is showing in the graph for the die(upper steel) & blank contact curve?



IMAGE 1.png

IMAGE 2.png

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Hi Sumit,


During Forming process, you might need to decide over Binder Tonnage not the Forming tonnage.


For calculating Forming tonnage use the formulae. Force (N) = Perimeter of the part * Thickness * UTS. In *.out file you might see the predicted press tonnage calculated from the software.


For Binder tonnage, it will be decided over the machine specification. Or you can go for DOE studies to find the optimum tonnage required.


Also, i have attached a video on how to find the tonnage using HV. let me know if you need more information.





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