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Hello everyone,


We have to create a fully automated tool that takes the user inputs and solve a defined problem using hypermesh, optistruct and hyperview.

I can run hypermesh and optistruct to solve a simple problem yet I can't program anything to display results with hypermesh.


I would like to display displacements (i.e. plot them) and capture the graphical area to later import it in the matlab GUI. 


My understanding is that I have to use the Altair reference guide. My idea is to use the polContourCtrl command. So far I have :


hwi OpenStack

hwi GetSessionHandle sess

sess GetProjectHandle proj

proj GetPageHandle page 1

page GetWindowHandle win 1

win GetClientHandle client

client GetModelHandle test 1

test GetResultCtrlHandle res

res GetContourCtrlHandle con

hwi CloseStack


Obviously this does not work. 


What am I missing ?


Thank you.


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