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Start Hyperview in batch mode

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Dear all,


I have written some macro's in TCL that use hyperview in batch mode. It runs fine on my machine, but my collegues get the error

"Failed to load package hwt couldn't read file "c:/altair/14.0/hw/tcl/hwt/pkgIndex.tc" no such file or directory while executing "source {c:/altair/14.0/hw/tcl/hwt/pkgIndex.tcl}"

What I did:

I opened the tclsh85.tcl and typed in

exec c:/altair/14.0/hw/bin/win64/hw.exe -b -tcl c:/user/test/tcl

in which test.tcl contains "puts hello"

When I run the same syntax (without exec) in cmd.exe it works, but as my progs are written in TCL, it's no use using cmd. 

I tried to add the hwt dir to the altair environment variable, added the path to auto_path, and I also ran source {c:/altair/14.0/hw/tcl/hwt/pkgIndex.tcl}  in the tclshell, but it all didn't help.

Package names shows on all computers the exact same list, either in the tchshell or in Hyperview.

What could be different? By the way: if some of my collegues log in into my computer they also get this error, except 1 collegue: if he logs in on my computer it does work. If I, on the other hand, log in to their computer, I get the failed to load package error.


Who can help me?


Kind regards,


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Thank you for your response, but I already know the syntax, which is working perfectly on my machine. The problem is that when I want to run Hyperview in batchmode using TCL (so, with option -b) on the machines of my colleagues, they get the above mentioned error. Anyone else any idea how to solve it? We have Windows 7, 64bit computers by the way.

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