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Any simulation carried out using AFDEX will consist of 5 different files, a simulation addressing file, two input files, and two output files. 


Files for addressing a simulation: 

The SimuLation addressing File(.SLF) contains information about the data files needed for carrying out an analysis.  

Format:  .a2dslf and .a3dslf for a 2d and 3d simulation respectively   Example: example1.a2dslf 

Input Files:

The Simulation Control File (.SCF) contains the information needed for simulation control and is subject to change during execution.

Format: .a2dscf and .a3dscf for a 2d and 3d simulation respectively  Example: example1.a2dscf 

The Simulation Input File (.SIF) is about the workpiece, die geometry and relevant process information like friction, die velocity etc. In most cases, the user will be not be required to edit anything in this file as all the requirements will be satisfied in the GUI.

Format: .a2dsif and .a3dsif for a 2d and 3d simulation respectively  Example: example1.a2dsif 

Output Files:

The Simulation Result File (.SRF) saves the input data, FE Solutions, and the process conditions. This file cannot be read by the user directly and can be accessed through the post-processor. 

Format: .a2dsrf and .a3dsrf for a 2d and 3d simulation respectively  Example: example1.a2dsrf 

The Simulation Print File (.SPF) records the simulation history or the total procedure. The error information is also recorded.

Format: .a2dspf and .a3dspf for a 2d and 3d simulation respectively  Example: example1.a2dspf 


Note that a .PRJ file is generated by the preprocessor and functionally it is similar to the SLF.

Working on the feedback from users over the time, AFDEX GUI has and is being improved continually to minimize the user intervention as much as possible and make the simulation procedure simple. The file types discussed above will come into play only when advanced forging processes are simulated. For the majority of applications, the user can simulate directly using the GUI.


Let us know what you think and feel free to ask questions if you have any.


Cheers from AFDEX Support Team!


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